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Brandon is the COO of the Yield Lab Institute, the non-profit arm of the Yield Lab, a global federation of funds that invest in agtech startups and innovations. The Yield Lab Institute is an agtech think tank focused on supporting, advancing global agtech startups, entrepreneurs and ecosystems. The Institute's initiatives include open innovation challenges, ecosystems assessments and technical studies on indoor/CEA, of note the STLCEA Coalition and the CEA Center of Excellence for the St. Louis region.

Prior to his current role, Brandon spent the first half of his career in oil and gas services in a variety of engineering, business development and sales roles. He also worked as a consultant for a boutique engineering firm providing design, regulatory and other services for multinational agriculture companies in the Salinas Valley of California. He received his chemical engineering and materials science degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Brandon Day

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