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Research Publications

All of our research and publications are available to the public for free. 

"Foundations for Agricultural Ecosystems" and "Foundations of Agricultural Ecosystems Piracicaba" now available for free download. 

Commissioned in partnership with Washington University's Olin School of Business, this report, “Foundations of Agricultural Ecosystems Piracicaba,” represents Phase 2 of a multi-layered process to define the Rules of Engagement for agtech. 

This study is intended to showcase the unique factors present in Brazil’s operating environment that have led to the thriving AgTech ecosystem present in Piracicaba, a designated “smart city” located in the southern territory of São Paulo state. The collection of top agriculture universities provides an unparalleled pipeline of talent for the ecosystem; as a result, Piracicaba has become a teeming intersection of entrepreneurs, nearby accelerators and incubators, business-people, and industry giants. This case study will describe these stakeholder entities and examine their connectivity, present the vast opportunities available for further investment and development, and identify areas where the ecosystem’s network can be further strengthened to enhance growth outcomes.

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Commissioned in partnership with Universidad Austral and Washington University's Olin School of Business, this report, “Foundations of Agricultural Ecosystems,” represents Phase 1 of a multi-layered process to define the Rules of Engagement for agtech. 

Innovation does not happen in a silo - it requires support from the community. Agtech innovation is crucial for sustainable food production into the future. Thus, we must work together in global collaborations such as this to better communicate and enable the creation of these communities. 

An in-depth assessment was conducted of St. Louis, MO, USA - a relatively well-established and highly regarded agtech ecosystem. A high-level assessment was conducted of Rosario, Sante Fe, Argentina, an agricultural pole in the early stages of development to become an agtech hub. We sought to understand transposable elements from St. Louis’s success, and to identify areas for improvement in both regions.

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