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Stay updated on current funding opportunities, innovators doing exciting work, and our impact on the agtech industry with weekly posts from the GroundBreakers team.

We support you, plant based protein startups and researchers!

GroundBreakers is here to support you. As we bring the application phase of the Plant Based Protein to a close, let’s recap what we’ve brought together:

If you’re developing the plant based processing and ingredient innovations that will help our food system become sustainable, you need help. You have a hunch, yet you need a roadmap for getting to scale, some relationships to get there, some cash to keep you going, and a reputation so people will trust you.

As we bring the application phase of the Plant Based Protein to a close, let’s recap what we’ve brought together:

A passionate hunch:

This is what you bring. You’re working with a plant based replacement for our food system’s unsustainable reliance on beef, poultry, pork, seafood, and animal based egg and dairy. You might have an insight for producing alt-meat, alt-egg, and alt-dairy ingredients much more efficiently at scale with innovative and efficient technology. You might have insights on creating plant based “meat-like” products with far less processing and fewer ingredients than the first wave we’ve seen. You might have insights in the functional and other ingredients and methods that can be used with plant ingredients to make animal free food products that excite the non-vegan consumer, too. Regardless, you bring the energy and ideas. Take a look at some of the innovators like you we’ve seen along the way.

A roadmap:

Just this week, EverGrain Ingredients’ Jaqueline Hochreiterdelivered a master class in getting from an idea to a rapidly scaling plant based protein ingredient company.

From sourcing the raw material (upcycled brewing grains in their case), to building partnerships, developing differentiated products, developing processes to produce thousands of tons of product a year (that can scale to millions of tons), and proving the consumer acceptance and ESG impact, her presentation can help any PBP innovator understand how to do more than just dream about impact. Click here to see the whole video.


We know how important cash is to an innovator, especially cash that comes with very few hassles and doesn’t slow you down. That’s why the grant we’re offering is very founder friendly and designed to get you cash as a quick and short project doing what you’re already doing – developing your product and market fit and demonstrate it to build momentum. You get $10K in just a few weeks for us to tell your story, and you don’t have to give up equity, IP, or your independence to get it.


Our PBP grant is funded by the Yield Lab Institute and its funding members. The Institute is a global non-profit innovation organization with deep relationships in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. It and its members – companies like Bayer Crop Science, Nestle Purina, ICL, Clayco, Hjelle Advisors, and Taller Horticulture – are ready to help the grant winning team build relationships with R&D, product innovation, procurement, corporate development, engineering, marketing and sales leaders in and affiliated with their companies.


Credibility and exposure are important for innovators to build momentum. We’ve been calling attention to exciting PBP innovators throughout our scouting and application process, and we’ll be promoting the results of the winning team’s project, too.

Your idea can help the food system pivot from growing plants mostly for feeding animals for slaughter to growing plants for people to eat, helping us all enjoy a more sustainable and nutritious diet. Let us help you.


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