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Stay updated on current funding opportunities, innovators doing exciting work, and our impact on the agtech industry with weekly posts from the GroundBreakers team.

Thank you Bayer Crop Science, ICL, and Nestlé Purina!

Bayer Crop Science, ICL, Nestlé Purina and other leaders in ag and food are supporting early stage ag and food innovators with non-dilutive cash and other valuable support via The Yield Lab Institute's GroundBreakers program.

GroundBreakers is a program to drive adoption of key innovations within the agrifood industry by allowing incumbent organizations to support and work with startups and researchers ready to commercialize in areas where the incumbents have need or see opportunity. With the goal of building capacity in both emerging innovators and established leaders, GroundBreakers uses non-dilutive funding, an extremely friendly to innovator model, a short term project structure to allow innovators to learn how to go to market with industry leaders and industry leaders to learn how to adopt the work of the innovators, and an open innovation attitude toward getting recognition to innovators.

GroundBreakers builds on leadership that The Yield Lab Institute has done with mapping ag innovation ecosystems and running open innovation challenges with funding organizations and innovators around the world in sustainable agriculture, the soy value chain, manure, and aquaculture.

Starting with a $10,000 grant for an innovator working in helping expand the processing capacity for plant based protein ingredients, GroundBreakers plans to explore Controlled Environment Agriculture, precision fermentation, regenerative and circular growing systems, the digital transformation of the agrifood system, sustainable protein, microbial food systems, and more. Click here to learn more about GroundBreakers’ plant based protein processing opportunity.

As Founding Members, Bayer Crop Science, ICL, and Nestlé Purinaprovided The Yield Lab Institute the initial funding to launch GroundBreakers, and helped focus GroundBreakers efforts on areas of maximum potential impact and opportunity. They stay involved, providing key industry insights with other corporate members that help guide GroundBreakers find innovators and help those innovators find their way quickly in the industry. Want to get your organization involved and collaborating regularly with hundreds of ag/food innovators as a GroundBreakers member? Click here to start a conversation.


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