The Aquaculture Challenge

Aquaculture is the fastest growing segment of the food industry, but it is also the animal protein supply chain that causes retailers the most headaches with unreliable, untraceable farming practices employed across Asia and other regions. If agriculture and food is the last trillion-dollar industry in need of technology innovation, aquaculture is potentially the neediest recipient of investment dollars.

Most industry experts predict that aquaculture will change beyond recognition in the next decade. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and scientists who wrote the EAT-Lancet report say aquaculture is one of the most efficient ways to supply more protein because fish converts feed more efficiently than terrestrial animals.

Technology and innovation are required to improve aquaculture management systems and supply chains.  We offer to up to 10 selected innovators and/or startups a 7-month accelerator program.  As part of the Challenge, we will provide successful applicants access to relevant subject matter expertise mentorship in order to hone their solutions ahead of the final pitch for cash prizes.

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