Agrifood technology includes everything from aquaculture to crop monitoring to indoor production to food ingredients. There are certain areas of agrifood tech that get more investment (eg: drone based precision ag) than others. We're glad to see those areas attracting attention, but we're concerned that other areas continue to be severely underinvested in. As such, we're working with partners to hone in on specific opportunities and incentivize innovation in those spaces.

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When manure is not managed properly, it can be a costly liability for farmers and increase reputation and regulatory risks for farming communities. Today, a number of innovative manure management approaches are popping up around the US and other countries. However, adoption of these technologies is low. In order for these technologies to scale, a larger portion of dairy producers to be incentivized to engage.


The Yield Lab Institute is joining forces with Newtrient, Dairy Farmers of America, and our environmental advisory partner, World Wildlife Fund to organize a startup competition for solution providers that market manure-based products (including services). Through this competition, we seek to advance the manure-based product market by selecting a group of solution providers and guiding them through a commercialization curriculum coupled with mentorship and introduction to sources of capital.

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More information is available at The Manure Innovation Challenge