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About Us

The Yield Lab Institute drives sustainable agrifood tech innovation, globally.

We believe that sustainably feeding the growing global population will require an increase in diverse innovation, entrepreneurs and startups in the area of agrifood technology 

Our History

The Yield Lab Institute was formed in July 2017 by team members of The Yield Lab. We saw the opportunity and the need to engage in agrifood tech entrepreneurship in a meaningful way outside of the confines of a venture capital model.

The Problem

Agtech investment is increasing but

  • Connectivity within and between stakeholder groups remains limited

  • “Impact” investment is largely qualitative

  • Innovative solutions to crucial problems continues to fall behind

  • Adoption of technology is not keeping up

Our Mission

The Yield Lab Institute is focused on driving more effective innovation to the market. We believe that this can be done by attracting greater diversity of innovators to agtech space, and by clearly communicating the needs of current stakeholders. We can do this utilizing a variety of levers that include innovation challenges, ecosystem assessments, white papers, webinars, agtech immersions and boot camps, a weekly newsletter and more!

At the Yield Lab Institute, we support innovation in agricultural and food systems by connecting, aligning and educating agtech and agriculture stakeholders (entrepreneurs, producers, distribution channel partners, agribusiness experts, investors, researchers, and end users).  Our reach, network and impact is global.

Videos by The Yield Lab Institute

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